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About us

Discover who we are and what we do to improve the cycle network in Chippenham

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Who we are

Supported by both Wiltshire Council (who provide officer time) and Chippenham Town Council (who provide meeting space), we're a group of local cyclists who volunteer to improve the town's cycle infrastructure.

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What we do

  • Maintain a prioritised cycle network improvement plan

  • Work closely with Wiltshire Council as the highways authority, to guide its spending decisions wherever possible, with the aim of ensuring money is spent where it will have most impact, and aligns with design best practices

  • Grow community support and secure funding for improvement projects by working with the Chippenham Area Board, Community Area Transport Group (CATG) and Chippenham Town Council Planning, Environment and Transport committee

  • Secure grant funding from other sources to pay for enhancement projects

  • Ensure new developments provide for cycling, including safe cycle paths, links to the wider network and secure cycle parking. We do this by liaising with developers, Wiltshire Council, Chippenham Town Council and other stakeholders, as part of the planning process

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Channel local and national investment decisions

We maintain a prioritised Chippenham cycle network development plan, put together based on the journey needs of the cycling public.

This plan forms the basis of our work with Wiltshire Council and Chippenham Town Council, where we strive to channel where local and national government funding is spent.

The aim is to create a safe, joined-up network of quiet roads and segregated cycleways that enable people of all ages and abilities to choose active travel, day and night.

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Secure local support and funding

We work closely with Wiltshire Council and Chippenham Town Council officers and councillors, to cultivate community support for cycling improvements, and secure funding.

This includes:

  • Chippenham Area Board

  • Chippenham Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

  • Chippenham Town Council's Planning, Environment and Transport committee

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Ensure new developments provide for cycling

Chippenham continues to grow, with developments planned for greenfield and brownfield sites. It's essential that these new neighbourhoods and facilities encourage cycling and walking.

New developments need to be safely accessible by bicycle, and provide appropriate, secure cycle parking.

We work with Wiltshire Council, Chippenham Town Council, developers and other stakeholders to make new developments as cycle-friendly as possible.

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Add and improve the cycle network, cycle parking and route signage

Based on our network improvement plan, we work with Wiltshire Council as the highways authority to fund tactical improvements to the town's cycle facilities.

This includes:

  • Installing cycle parking

  • Improving access to the cycle network, such as additional dropped kerbs

  • Enhancing route signage

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