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Community benefits

Improvements to the town's cycle network benefit those choosing to cycle – as well as the wider community. Discover how.

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Image by Max Bender

Supporting inclusive travel

Well-designed cycleways and shared-use paths help everyone get around more easily. From those using mobility aids to parents with buggies, high-quality infrastructure helps people move around more easily and safely.

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Improving air quality

Cycling is zero-emission at the point of use. Every journey made by bicycle, rather than by a petrol, diesel or hybrid car, is protecting the air we all breathe.

Blue Sky
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Reducing traffic and congestion

More people cycling means fewer car journeys on our roads. This means fewer cars on residential streets, and less congestion on main roads. For those who do need to drive, this results in quicker and more reliable journeys.

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Easing pressure on car parking spaces

Fewer people driving means less pressure on our car parking spaces, right across the town. This again makes it easier for those who do need to drive, to find somewhere to park.

Car Park
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Supporting reliable public transport

Traffic congestion can make bus journeys and arrival times unpredictable. By reducing traffic in the town, those using our bus network will enjoy quicker and more reliable services, which in turn encourages further uptake of public transport.

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Healthier community

Cycling is good for our physical and mental wellbeing.

And a healthier population reduces pressure on local health services.

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