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Achievements: Welcome

Chicane barrier removals

We are overseeing and funding the removal of chicane barriers from the town's shared-use paths, to make these accessible to all legitimate users.

So far, we have removed more than 90% of these chicane barriers from the existing cycle network, and are working on the remaining 10%. We are also working to secure the removal of those newly installed on the cycleways on the Birds Marsh development.

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Achievements: Projects

Lidl Pewsham – on- and-off-site improvements

Lidl website image.heic

We played a significant role in securing major on-site and off-site design changes, to provide a safer experience for people cycling to the store. This included:

• Moving the cycle parking to a location with much better surveillance from the store, for improved security

• Widening the access path from the site boundary on Pewsham Way to the cycle parking, to make it safer for everyone

• Providing an off-road, car-free link from the store to nearby residential streets and routes towards the town centre

Note that these designs were created and approved prior to the publication of LTN 1/20.

Achievements: Programs

Station Hill – Cycle parking

There was no cycle parking for people using the shops at the top end of Station Hill. We paid for the installation of new cycle stands outside Sainsbury’s, to serve this busy area.

Achievements: Programs

The Bridge/Monkton Hill - Cycle parking


The shops and other businesses around the junction of The Bridge, Foghamshire, Monkton Hill and New Road had no nearby cycle parking. We funded the installation of cycle stands on the corner of Monkton Hill and The Bridge.

Achievements: Programs

Mount Pleasant to Blackberry Close – Route signage

To increase awareness of the off-road cycle route linking Mount Pleasant to Cepen Park North via Blackberry Close, we funded installation of new signage.

Achievements: Programs

Lowden Hill shops – Cycle parking


Lowden Hill shops had no cycle parking, and bikes were frequently left unsecured. We paid for the installation of secure cycle parking to benefit shoppers.

Achievements: Programs

New Road - Cycle parking

To encourage active travel to the shops at the northern end of New Road, we paid for the installation of cycle parking outside the Post Office.

Achievements: Programs

Redland shops: Cycle parking


BEFORE: The local shops at Redland had no cycle parking, with bicycles frequently left unsecured.

AFTER: Using a grant from the Chippenham Area Board, we had cycle parking installed in this location for the first time.

Achievements: Programs

Town bridge: Doubling cycle parking capacity

IMG_7843 cropped.jpg

BEFORE: The town bridge cycle stands were frequently full, leaving nowhere to safely park your bicycle.

AFTER: We doubled cycle parking capacity at this popular location, with a grant from the Chippenham Area Board.

Achievements: Programs

Evans Close: Signposting the path as shared use


BEFORE: The width of this path was sufficient for safe shared use, but it had not been officially designated as such. The surface was also damaged.

AFTER: Wiltshire Council paid for the resurfacing of the path and oversaw its conversion to shared use. We paid for signage at either end to indicate its status.

Achievements: Programs

Sarum Road: Cycle path access improvements and signage

IMG_7813 cropped.jpg

BEFORE: There was no easy way to access the shared-use path that runs into Cepen Park South, and the path wasn't signed as shared use.

AFTER: Paid for using a Chippenham Area Board grant, we arranged the installation of a dropped kerb and the widening of the pavement, enabling easier access for all, as well as shared-use signage.

Achievements: Programs

Bath Road: Extension of shared-use path towards town centre


BEFORE: The shared-use path ended at the Bath Road industrial estate. Wiltshire Council identified a sum of money available from a local development, and we pinpointed the extension of the path towards the town centre as a priority.

AFTER: The shared-use path now continues to the railway tunnel, with the scheme also having provided additional street lighting for improved safety.

Achievements: Programs

Sheldon Road Church: New cycle parking

We notified a number of local organisations of a Life Cycle UK scheme providing free cycle stands and installations. Sheldon Road Church was one of the beneficiaries, and now has more secure and convenient cycle parking for visitors.

Achievements: Programs

The Rise Trust: Cycle parking


We alerted The Rise Trust to the Life Cycle UK scheme offering free cycle stands to local organisations. The Rise Trust now has secure cycle parking at its site at The Oaks for the first time.

Achievements: Programs
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